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The Biblical Repertory and Theological Review

The Biblical Repertory and Theological Review was the successive title under which the Biblical Repertory journal was published from 1830-1837. In the years, 1830-1836, editorial responsibility was listed as in the hands of “An Association of Gentlemen in Princeton, N.J., and Its Vicinity”, with no editor listed for 1837. The broadened focus of the journal included not only articles but review essays that entered into critical discussion with the latest publications on issues of the day. Volume 2, 1830, was published by James Kay, Jun & Co., Philadelphia; volumes 3-5 by Russell and Martien, Philadelphia; volume 6 by William S. Martien, Philadelphia, volumes 7-8 by Henry Perkins, Philadelphia, and volume 9 by James A. Peabody, Philadelphia.

See also Volume Index (1825-1868)

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