Search Tips

Search scope: The search box performs a search only on the bibliographic citations for the journal articles (not on the content of the articles).

  • Use double quotation marks for exact phrases:

    "early church"

    "sermon on the mount"

  • Search for items containing all of the specified words:

    "new testament" interpretation

    (finds items containing both the phrase new testament and the word interpretation)

    Alternatively, use AND explicitly:

    "new testament" AND interpretation

  • Search for items containing any of the specified words/phrases:

    covenant OR promise

    "holy spirit" OR "holy ghost"

  • Search for words starting with the specified letters:


    (finds Calvin, Calvinism, Calvinist, Calvinistic, etc.)

  • Use - (minus sign) to exclude words:

    missions -china

    (finds items containing missions and not containing china)

  • Use title: to search only within article titles. Use author: to search only within author names.



    Combine prefixes to search different fields simultaneously.

    psalms author:wilson

    (finds items where psalms occurs anywhere and the author name contains wilson)

  • Combine the techniques above to compose arbitrarily complex queries, using parentheses as needed:

    ("holy spirit" OR "holy ghost") AND (witness OR testimony)

    (finds items containing either holy spirit or holy ghost while also containing either witness or testimony)


  • With the exception of AND and OR, which must be entered in all capital letters, the search engine ignores case. Capitalizing proper names is harmless but unnecessary.
  • The search engine ignores diacritic marks in search keywords. Searching for Andre returns the same results as searching for André.
  • The search engine ignores punctuation between search keywords. Searching for
    Báez Camargo returns the same results as searching for Báez-Camargo.
  • In most cases, the search engine is aware of variant spellings. Searching for "authorised version" returns the same results as searching for "authorized version".